The Finnish sauna is probably the best known type of sauna. A temperature of around 90°C and very low humidity stimulates perspiration. Our sauna offers plenty of space on different levels. Newcomers should start out with a brief spell of around 8 minutes on the lowest level bench, while experienced sauna-goers often spend well over 20 minutes at a time in the sweat box next to our swimming pool on the ground floor. After a session in the sauna, you should take a cold shower and cool your body up towards the heart. It is not advisable to plunge into the swimming pool straight after the sauna.



What would a visit to THE BOILER be without a visit to our popular steam sauna? A constant temperature of 42°C and the pleasant, beneficial effects of steam infused with aromatic oils, help to revitalise you and your skin. The steam room is designed along the lines of a labyrinth, with a maze of small and narrow passageways to explore. On one side they are a little brighter, and a little darker on the other.



The temperatures in the sanarium are lower than in a classic (Finnish) sauna, generally around 45-60°C at a humidity of approx. 40-55%. Essential oils vaporise in a copper kettle above the stove, and mood lighting changes between four different colours to restore harmony to your body and mind. The colours have the following effects:

RED          stimulates vitality and activity

BLUE       strengthens the nerves and relaxes the body

ORANGE enhances cell renewal and strengthens the lungs

GREEN    has a calming effect and enhances equilibrium




A bath and sauna system like "The Boiler Berlin" is, in terms of technology, a very intensive operation. Large amounts of air and water constantly need to be heated. The heaters, the steam generators and the inhouse laundry consume vast aounts of power. Increasing energy costs do not make this easy and obviously have a bearing on the admission price. We didn't want to sit idly by and do nothing, so we decided to counteract this challenge with intelligent technology. In the late summer of 2013, we combined our heat and power ( CHP ) technologies. According to the principles of CHP, the system generates both electricity and heat energy. The natural gas we use as fuel, has the lowest emissions of all primary energy sources. This new technology is almost 90% more efficient and means that the CO2 emissions are very low, and this massively improved energy efficiency helps us to save money and conserve the environment. This was achieved with the sponsorship of the European Union.